Streamlined production, catchy songwriting, highly emotional undertones, and recognizable pop vocals combine to create an undeniable blend of emotion and professionalism. By releasing the very delicate yet stylish “Distractions,” Soche portrays a picture of a composer who is always innovating.

Soche is a Canadian singer and producer born just outside of Toronto. During her high school years in Dubai, UAE, she picked up her first Macbook, discovered Garageband, and boarded on a musical journey that has only grown stronger. Days and nights were spent composing beats, writing, and recording on the other side of the world. After returning to Toronto, music took a back seat to film production, eventually relocating to Los Angeles, near Orange County.

Soche’s style reflects her genuine, relatable lyricism in a hard-hitting, atmospheric setting, influenced by a dual passion for beat production and the dance music-heavy world she grew up in. Her vocals float over self-produced sounds, sliding in and out of high and low tones to make the most of each moment. Her music is an eclectic palette with something for everyone, built from the ground up on inner dialogue and propelled by instinct.

With a cleanly mixed, strong vocal that’s rhythmically appealing from the get-go, “Distractions” makes excellent use of musicianship and melody, as well as a lyrical outpouring that remains concentrated and gripping throughout the whole track.

The composition displays extreme professionalism and focuses at the heart of Soche’s infinite work ethic, with good vibrations, crisp and faultlessly competent production that drives through the best of the beat, and the spirit of the mood in every situation.

The music feels like a blast from the past in some ways, a summer hit from a simpler period, freely merging the aspects of contemporary pop productions with a genuine edge of mellow hip hop and flickers of personality threaded in for a cinematic combination. 

But, at the same time, it succeeds in keeping things fresh and intriguing, thanks to beautiful vocal phrasings and the overall quiet assurance.

The track’s composition, writing, delivery, and energy all contribute to the achievement of its goal, and as a result, it is a tune that is simple to get lost in for a short period of time.

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