An ambient sound design blending soulful undertones with a rhythmically addictive vocal progression. OwlXela is an amazing, talented and young soul who is from Texas, Frisco. Having a true passion for music, he always wants to make a living from music and enjoy his life. OwlXela could not have a proper life and he went through a rough patch when he was a child. But music was always there for him in good times and the bad times too. OwlXela

Has released one of his singles “Disfruto” with an amazing vibe. 

Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating artists of the year, the opening is amazingly incredible and everyone needs to sync with the track no matter what. “Deep House” is another amazing music genre and you can feel true vibes all over this track “Disfruto.” The whole thing is incredibly unique, and has a clearly inspiring core, given the addictive yet modern musicality. Freshly uniting the nostalgia and timeless embrace of techno with a contemporary, crisp, and clean production style and lashings of creativity – OwlXela’s Disfruto leads with hypnotic rhythms and dreamlike melodies as it pours through the speakers. 

Injecting a strong balance between familiarity and artistry, Disfruto starts things up with a clear level of identity to introduce OwlXela’s own style. The melodies have a slightly warped finish to them, the instrumental choices too, and these both feel genuinely new amidst this otherwise comforting and immersive rhythm and soundscape.

The effort he puts in and the sheer quality of his music has helped him to gather many fans in such a short period of time. He is on the radar of many house music lovers who are looking for something more unique and hits your soul a bit harder. OwlXela’s music is the perfect place to access your inner peace, centeredness, and positivity amidst a chaotic, uncontrollable world.  Looking forward to hearing more inspiring tracks from this genius. 

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