Yae Breezy’s latest track, “Diggin,” hits hard and high, and it offers an entirely different picture of himself as an artist than anything else out there. In a variety of ways, “Diggin” is a beautiful song. It’s all just so seamless, from the background music to the vocal melody and performance to the lyrics and the overall concept, and it all just works.

Yae Breezy’s return this month brings with it a single that feels modern enough to fit in with the majority of hip hop releases that have been rhythmically short-lined of late. “Diggin” produces an entirely new backdrop behind the performances, with a dreamlike atmosphere accompanying a distant beat and creating a sense of energy in which everything just seems to float through the air.

The entire track progresses in an unconstrained, unpredictable manner — there is an unmistakable hip-hop/rap framework to which one can easily relate. Also, this feels like a short film or a piece of theater. However, as you progress, these varied building blocks – including Yae Breezy’s voice – become more recognizable, and the journey begins to make sense.

The hook of the song is excellent, as is the melody and delivery of the music and the aura surrounding it. This moment of creative detachment adds even more to an already fascinating piece. A similar set of characteristics can be found throughout his discography. 

Yae Breezy always makes a show out of what he does; he never simply reads or rhythmically mumbles a bunch of useless lyrics. There’s lots of opportunity for enjoyment, but there’s also plenty of opportunity for positivity and encouragement.

The song also works technically to keep things flowing and ensure that every moment and every notion is conveyed in the most powerful way possible. The transition from singing to rapping demonstrates Yae Breezy’s unquestionable abilities as a lyricist and multifaceted performer. The result is a wonderfully addictive, authentic song that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

This is what appeals to hip hop enthusiasts frequently — something worth more than what seems on the surface. It’s a great hit. Expect more significant and more incredible things to happen in the coming months and years.

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