Deltiimo, the animated DJ extraordinaire, has unleashed his latest EP titled “Welcome To The Real World Every Little Thing (Ricky Louca aged 9 Tech House Radio Mix)” on May 8th, 2023. This remarkable release breathes new life into Gary Louca’s 1992 hit “Welcome to the Real World,” featuring an impressive lineup of talent.

The EP showcases a collection of imaginative remixes spanning the genres of Tech, House, and Club, with original singer Lisa Love Barron and the young prodigy Ricky Louca, Gary Louca’s 9-year-old son, making a heartwarming appearance. This rendition not only revitalizes Gary’s timeless track but also serves as a tender time capsule, capturing the father-son bond.

The single has been skillfully remixed by Gary Louca and Bradon Grobler, incorporating their cutting-edge expertise to bring it up to date with contemporary sounds.

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