With this strangely meandering, concise yet powerful new rock type beat mainly inspired by final boss music in games named “Decades Lost,” producer and artist DJ Raamzeez more than delivers on his implied unpredictability moniker.

The tune builds up brilliantly during its almost three-minute duration, moving from fascinating to quiet to explosive, always keeping a few distinctive threads for uniqueness, and constantly returning to this chord sequence and soulful tunes that help give the track something readily recognized.

“Decades Lost” evolves, and things are already taking a radically different turn. Nonetheless, DJ Raamzeez’s composition remains the common thread, and the production is flawless and immersive, as always. 

We get a casual peek at the artist’s reach in this piece, dynamic and intimate production that resonates because of its simplicity, space, and soul. Because of its ambiance, adaptability, and fragility, a welcome change of pace makes for an easy early highlight.

DJ Raamzeez is a producer and musician with a refreshingly unfettered artistic reach who is always worth the time it takes to listen to. He provides a hit of escapism that instantly ignites the imaginations of his listeners. 

Professionals and passion come together to create this industrially cinematic dream by conquering the EDM-rock and bass-led genres in an unrestricted manner.

The whole piece feels like an underappreciated masterpiece, a timeless smash that wants you to turn up the volume and celebrate addiction and love at high-octane levels. 

Get lost in the rock world, enthralled by the music as much as the subject of your preoccupation.

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