YoungXDex is another amazing singer who is from Post Falls Idaho. “Days I Die” is another mind-blowing track by this amazing soul to all the audience out there. Nicely produced and presented with a great vibe all over the track. The song is more than well written, it pays tribute to some of the best songwriting from the past few decades. An experienced & skillful musician as well. 

The song is openly warm and declarative of the songwriter’s true feelings. It comes as an honest and proud dedication to faith, and everything from the chords chosen, to the performance, the added instrumental riffs, and the gentle and very real sound of the leading voice – it all plays a part in reinforcing this honesty and this dedication. In terms of songwriting, the verse melodies are very easy to listen to, they draw focus to the words – this again is underlined further by the minimal use of instrument variation – and the hook section is undeniably memorable.

The song comes with optimistic energy, and the performance has a calmness to it that adds further to this hopeful and peaceful ambiance. There is talk of a struggle in the lyrics, a consistent effort to find satisfaction, and all of this is directed via a one on one conversational style. All of this gives off the impression for the listener that they are something of a fly on the wall, peering in on something deeply personal and reflective, and this again adds a level of interest.


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