Øystein David provides delightful sound design across an uplifting and cinematic Dawn, making it deeply ambient and immersive for its dreamy production, melodic origins, and atmospheric rhythms.

Øystein David is a passionate budding composer and a musician from Norway. About a decade ago, he had to hold on to his passion for family life and other priorities until now. Recently, he decided to follow his passion again and started to create music again. Dawn is one of his latest music compositions, along with two other excellent additions.

The music of Dawn appears to be more of an expression or a concentrated dramatic dedication to the present moment. As the rhythm grips the listener, time passes by, and the layers grow and multiply.

The melodies are wonderful, simple, but captivating as they gently surround you. The details elsewhere retain an element of ambivalence, ensuring that the mind does not wander too far as we follow the progress with avid curiosity.

Slowly but steadily, we ascend, approaching a world of softly colored chaos that is both wonderfully relaxing and thought-provoking.

Really well-made composition and a particular favorite from this season because of the skillfully integrated individuality and familiarity. I eagerly wait for more.


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