Melodically bursting at the seams, big beats spilling out in all the right places, complete and swift wordflow, raw energy, and bars that go to the moon and back. “Dat Flow” by FH3 Beats is possibly the best hip-hop single you’ll hear all year.

Freddy Harris III, also known as FH3 Beats, was born in New York City in 1980 and moved with his parents to Trinidad & Tobago that same year. Freddy began playing the steel pan at the age of four. He moved to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and started playing with The Rising Stars Steel Orchestra at age six. In 1990 he returned to the US and continued to develop his musical skills. He performed and toured throughout the Caribbean as the Ambassador for FMU.

In 2001 Freddy played as a guest artist with the National Steel Orchestra in Tobago. In 2002 Freddy placed 2nd in the Trinidad & Tobago World Steel Orchestra Classics Solo competition. That same year Freddy performed for President Bill Clinton at the South Beach, Florida Speech for Youths. He then moved back to New York City, where he performed with noted Jazz performer Bill Saxon.

From the start, FH3 Beats’ new single throws off some pretty incredible vibrations. The lines surrounding the critical moment in “Dat Flow” work nicely together to generate a hook that melodically swiftly works its way into your long-term memory.

The music and words work in tandem to leave a lasting impact, and you know after it’s finished that FH3 Beats is an artist that will continue to create, evolve, and go forward — regardless of what you think. It’s a fantastic trait to have, and being outstanding is extreme for someone so young to have put everything together.

The music is elegant, and there is a sense of tranquility to it, but the whole sound is exceptionally stunning. It provides a soothing atmosphere that immediately establishes an easygoing vibe for listeners to enjoy, but the rap performances are anything but tranquil or laid back.

The singers’ sound has a growing level of emotion to it, expressing the lyrics and concepts in a way that increases in intensity amid the soothing undertones of the accompaniment.

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