Steve Draws our focus to his voice, perhaps more notably than before; in My Head, senses amazingly honest, showcasing exposure and realness in a way that can’t be denied.

Steve Sperandeo is a shining Canadian pop star who has a charming voice. He lives in Toronto, Canada

Steve’s debut album “Contagious Emotions” was released in 2019. Contagious Emotion’s tracks are deeply emotional. The emphasis on vocals, lyrics, and story-telling is like Dylan, Cohen, Knopfler, Clapton, and Roger Waters. His single “Dance With Me” was released in 2020. Steve is presently in the studio working on new tracks that will be released this year.

It’s a unique, warm ode to a powerful bond, and you can hear and feel this wisdom of intention in everything from the delivery to the bars and the softly building intensity of the tune.

He’s a narrator by nature, and Alive continues to grow this style all the more so; one more bright chorus, an exclaim of pining for falling in love, and the spirits of life that it brings. Steve’s feature here creates pleasant energy and a sense of realness regarding the relationship pathway. Some wonderful lyrics also stand tall.

In a way, this complete song feels like a freestyle sort of diary-like expression. Fast-paced lyrics contrast insignificant moments, and the two work in unison to promise a deeply open, genuine version of passion.

Love these lines …oh dance with me baby …hold my hand …l can show how to stand baby…l won’t mind if you have two left baby baby…..

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