“Dagga Dat” is more upbeat than ever, yet harder-hitting and packed with vocal and HipHop/Rap/Dril musical grit. It strikes with impact and somehow, despite an entire piece of unexpected, artistically uninhibited music, reinforces Stona G’s position as a vastly versatile, incomparable hip hop artist.

Kingston, Jamaica’s very own Stona G is a fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, and British Drill music that opens up and lends a new sound to today’s music scene. With this Artist having a solid Caribbean influence, it’s hard not to want to jump up and vibe with his unique sound. His new upbeat tune brings a whole new variant to this generation’s “get loose” movement of music, making listeners across the globe intrigued to hear more.

An intense beat, simple scene-setting, and captivating graphics combine with plenty of room to accompany a sequence of swift vocals, clean-cut and refreshingly forthright, to carry you through the confidence and grit of “Dagga Dat.”

Things get off to a decent start, with the simple darkness of the beat, the casual swagger of the words, and the delivery displaying a purpose to lift the bar and refuse to conform to expectations, which is precisely what the rest of the piece does.

The single ticks many modern boxes while also blazing its path musically – and reminds you that live performance is where things really come alive.

This is a beautiful piece of artwork with a distinct concept that is made approachable and memorable by the use of energy and bounce. “Dagga Dat” accomplishes what it needs to in a stylish, surprisingly quiet, and unobtrusive manner.

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