As Carcell begins the intensity and lyrical embrace of his new track, fast-paced and unrelenting bars pour through from the start amidst a growing atmospheric backdrop.

Breathless introductions quickly draw you in, and Da Car is brief but powerful in its power and presence—new in detail, tone, and musicality—and compelling listeners to tune in more closely and even quickly re-listen when things end.

Carcell is an upcoming artist in the pop genre. He was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Carcell began his music career at a young age and had been working tirelessly ever since to perfect his craft. His music is inspired by his personal experiences and the people he meets along the way. Carcell’s goal is to make music that entertains and inspires people, and he plans to continue doing so for many years to come. 

Carcell blends euphoric pop tunes with intense rap delivery, and the result is something totally unique and exciting. The timeless single pays tribute to a plethora of genres and eras, from its eighties bassline and melody to the crisp, clean presentation of the voice and those pop stylings in writing, and is well-timed for a summer release that raises the roof and draws people together all at once. It’s a welcome respite from the turmoil of recent years, and thanks to the memorable writing and Carcell’s effortlessly alluring vocals, there’s plenty of room for remix and reinterpretation, thanks to the minimalist, spacious presentation.

Da Car has a style all its own and is sure to get your head nodding and your feet moving. 

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