When it comes to creating unique hip hop, Shao Dow is an artist and rapper with tremendous enthusiasm for lyricism and rapid rhymes. Cursey introduces his sound brilliantly, with a track that gets more immersive and amazing as it progresses, but one that shoots high from the start, effectively tipping its hat to many of the legends of yesteryear.

Shao Dow is a rap artist, manga author, and ninja. Shao Dow, a lawyer who also trained Shaolin Kung Fu in China, uses his martial arts training to establish his own music career.

Shao earned the 2017 AIM Award for Hardest Working Artist for self-releasing three albums, creating a headphones brand, and publishing a book through his own firm, DIY Gang Entertainment. He has appeared on ITV’s Ninja Warrior in the UK and was recently asked by Parliament to speak on behalf of grassroots music venues around the country.

Cursey, Shao Dow’s latest song, is an instantly pleasant track that takes the hop and vibrancy of hip hop and blends it with striking rap verses and current writing style — the kind that’s addictively rhythmic and anthem-like in nature.

As Casey begins to play, there is a surge of energy. Distant strings support a furious vocal flow brimming with emotion and conscious lyrics. You can’t resist but pay close attention to every word and every bar. 

Even with its expansive musicality, the tune is shamelessly honest, energizing, and inspiring – the leading performer Shao Dow’s intensity, rhythm. Ideas are vast, carrying the weight of the piece without the need for dazzling or forceful musicianship. Cursey is a terrific highlight that is certainly worth revisiting.

In some ways, Cursey functions well as a motivational go-to — a simple set-up, sound production, insightful lyrics, and a confident yet slightly humble performance, which all serve in favor of an enduring connection.

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