This haunting and mesmerizing cover of the Linkin Park classic “Crawling” is taken from the album “Pulse,” a collaborative effort between singer Shelley Harland, producer Skrybe, and B.A. Bellec, who wrote the novel of the same name. The original song is about feeling helpless and alone, but Bellec’s cover takes on a more sinister tone, hinting at the horror to come in the Pulse novels. The music is cinematic dubstep, with Harland’s ethereal vocals floating over a backdrop of dark, electronic beats. This is a must-listen for fans of Linkin Park, alternative rock, and dark electronic music.

About the artist:

B.A. Bellec is a renowned author and musician who produces original content from his studio. He has a unique writing style that is emotional and inventive. He also creates original music to go with his books. His channel features his music, book reviews, and other promotional material.

A graduate of Lights Film School, B.A. has received a grant from The Canada Council for the Arts. He has demonstrated his ability to use his skills and background to attract talented partners. He has completed two novels and produced an array of songs to accompany them.

Crawling is just one of the many songs that Skrybe has produced for B.A. Bellec’s books. Skrybe is a producer, DJ, and musician who specializes in dark electronic music. Shelley Harland is a singer and songwriter who has collaborated with Skrybe on several songs.

The song is a cover of the Linkin Park original, which was released in 2000. In contrast to the original song’s theme of helplessness and isolation, Bellec’s version has a darker undertone that alluded to the horror to come in the Pulse novels. However, the cover has an original dubstep twist that sets it apart from the original. Yet, it doesn’t harm the originality of the song.

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