Scotty Trippin and Julius Myth’s latest joint effort, “Coupe De Ville,” includes Julius Myth and will leave you with delicious good vibes and a great mix of rap and melody.

Scotty, a rising rapper from White Plains, New York, launched his rap career in 2018 with his first single, Downfall. Following the video release of Downfall, he followed it up with the eps “Dollars and Sense Prelude,” “Dollars and Sense,” “Life’s a Trip,” and “Trip,” as well as numerous singles. His hard ethic has proven to make him a fierce rival in the Westchester rap scene and New York in general. After a brief break due to throat surgery, Scotty comes back with a fury and shows no signs of slowing down.

The single is filled with purposeful depth and a consistent degree of determination and drive, and it manages to keep things personal while remaining accessible. 

Scotty Trippin’s feeling of ambition and commitment to hard work has a motivational component to it. Nonetheless, because the music is so tranquil and colorful, this emerges in a calm, confident, and peacefully effective manner as a result.

The tempo picks up towards the conclusion, and the mood of reminiscing takes on a deeper meaning. There’s also a noticeable contrast throughout between the oriental tones in the background and the heavy drum beat, which keeps things going.

When it comes to “Coupe De Ville,” the more it progresses – and, indeed, with each subsequent listen – it becomes increasingly appealing. Scotty Trippin and Julius Myth’s uncanny ability to connect with the music, the beat, and the spirit of the moment is undeniably apparent. 

On this track, their flow is incredible, and it perfectly matches the needs of the natural level of movement that is driving it forward. While this appears to be a specific characteristic, it is something that has been ignored in a large number of recent hip-hop releases.

A single run-through is far from enough, and fortunately – the track gets better with each revisit. “Coupe De Ville” is an easy addition to the playlist.

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