Crisp and clear vocals guide us through this uplifting expansive and Afrobeat environment and tune, which seamlessly blends metaphor and intimacy in a typically captivating way, merging metaphor and tenderness.

Kipp Taylor’s latest single, “Country Cornbread Eating Girl,” features a relatively vintage, classic, and simple soul set-up, with an engaging dance rhythm and a vocal hook that introduces a memorable, anthem-like moment, as well as some welcomed drum solo-play, and proceeds to weave a mesmerizing and nostalgic arena of good energy around listeners.

Kipp Taylor, a soulful songwriter, and performer with a defiant edge of self-confidence and a carefree attitude delivers the absolute upbeat anthem and honesty for song enthusiasts to truly enjoy. You want to memorize and unite with the singer in his outcries of being over it, to follow the wandering tone and melody of the vocal – throughout its infinite highs and lows.

From the beginning on, the single break-up musical offers excerpts of conversations that quickly convince you to turn up the volume and tune in more closely. The impact is fantastic; it keeps the piece’s sensitivity in the forefront of your mind, allowing the soulful and hypnotic Afrobeat music to connect all the more powerfully.

Kipp Taylor promises quality and meaning, escape and connection, afrobeat sounds, soulful vocals, perfect clarity and purpose on this musically beautiful voyage. A superbly crafted and compiled single.

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