Based in Los Angeles, Lex Indika’s latest Alternative release, “COTTON CANDY,” is utterly distinctive and inventive, both lyrically and musically. Simultaneously, the song begins with contemporary references, which help to launch a completely new period of songwriting that is related to the present world and thus more relevant to a modern audience.

Those opening words, primary yet captivating in their simplicity – full of poetic imagery and life reflections that appear to encompass and welcome all of us – lead well into the song’s hook. This vast, unexpected moment effectively elevates a decent song to new heights.

The tune is really unique, demonstrating an artist with an artistically free and expressive approach to composing music from the start. The beginning vocals establish a specific feel, perhaps merely mellow or characterful, but the instrumentation that follows adds a partly retro, partly modern minimalist rhythm and ambiance, and the whole thing gradually but steadily brightens up.

The artist’s personality shines through in the leading vocal, the music’s creatively free arrangement, and even the accompanying video. Retro synths assist in brightening the track’s outside borders and give it a sense of growth as it proceeds. The song’s rhythm and overall unique nature appear to be quite hypnotic by this time.

Things come to a close with the gentle and again organic tones of “COTTON CANDY.” The melody and the performance here are sensational, subtle yet effective, undeniably authentic, mildly reminiscent of the Alternative sound of the nineties, but at the same time wholly refreshing and hypnotically calming. Lex Indika is a totally unique musician right now- this single is something of a masterpiece. A pleasure to discover.

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