Black MP Well is really an artist who understands how to create an atmosphere and a moment with his releases, both musically and vocally. Cookie delivers that sort of inventiveness in a moment, gradually enveloping its listeners in a soundscape that is both contemporary and soothing.

Black MP Well, a singer-songwriter from Miami, FL, is a musical prodigy with enormous promise. “There would be no music if there were no ears,” he’ll say. He is a hard worker who specializes in genres such as Dancehall, Afro Music, Konpa, RnB, Raga, and Reggaeton. In English, Creole, and Spanish, he has a distinct vocal style.

Black MP Well is a Haitian musician living in the United States. Friends in Haiti discovered his musical aptitude when he was a little boy and encouraged him to join a music group.

He made a comeback in 2018 with the project “REBORN.” He officially released three singles between 2018 and 2020: “Bwa se Sou Li,” “Tap,” and “Esta Noche.” Black MP Well has emerged as the REBORN project progresses. He released new songs in 2021, including “Hey Beautiful,” “Anale,” and “I Was Sexting You.” There will be a new single released soon!

A tasteful throwback beat meets a wonderfully raspy and rhythmic vocal on this newest single from hip hop’s Black MP Well. The soundscape, in particular, pulls you from the start, the sharp and clear finish blending perfectly with those classic textures and layers that carry you to a simpler time. In the same way, the synths and samples that occur intermittently throughout have a distinct air of originality — good production aids in creating something ever-evolving and continuously intriguing.

Lyrically the song ticks a whole lot of boxes for its purpose and the consistency with which it sticks.

In addition to all of this, the song Cookie itself just sounds excellent – good vibes fill the room, an uplifting bounce, and multiple layers of color and melody help really light things up—an easy hit. I’m excited to hear what else Black MP Well has in store for us in the coming future.

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