In this latest collaboration, LoneStar Syx and Shay Syx lay out some traditional good vibes, driving with delicate and calming instrumentals – partly organic, partially fresh, and rhythmic enough to fit nicely in today’s musical scene. Furthermore, the vocal performances throughout Conclusion are equally serene, quietly confident, and engaging enough to provide something distinctly refreshing and easy to get into.

LoneStar Syx is a music artist from Nashville, TN, who quickly hit it off musically. LoneStar Syx collaborated with Shay Syx on Conclusion for their love of hip hop and country music. Their sound in this song is a fusion of both genres, with a strong emphasis on melody and harmony.

LoneStar Syx is currently based in Osceola, Arkansas (The O), and Shay Syx is originally from Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Their music is available on platforms like Audiomack, iTunes, Spotify, and more.

The song kicks into its groove quite immediately with acoustic guitar parts and refuses to let up until its final abrupt stop, fusing an ocean of warming synths with a crisp and clean overall finish and a vocal that entrances with both flawless rhythm and depth of thought.

LoneStar Syx has written a hip hop classic here, without any intellectual details — a classic crossover that’s immediately identifiable and pays homage to the sound of the 1990s as much as it does contemporary, vlogger-style ambiances. With the underlying feelings on top, the process becomes a little more interesting – a certain realness and truth that allows you to form a closer connection with the artist.

The brevity of the song is its downfall, as it feels like it’s over just as it’s getting started. However, the replay value is high, and it’s one of those songs that you’ll want to come back to again and again.

We are expecting big things from LoneStar Syx in the future, and we hope to see more of their music soon.

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