Prepare to be blown away by the electrifying live performance of “Coming Down” in their latest track “Follow Me.” The band’s dynamic lineup of talented musicians comes together to deliver a captivating rock experience that will leave you craving more.

Featuring powerful and versatile vocals by Marvin Gesierich, “Coming Down” takes listeners on a musical journey through varied tempos and intense guitar riffs by Marc Püttmann and Rainer Ritgen. Chris Dagger’s solid bass lines and Jonas Klostermann’s driving drum beats add a modern edge to the mix, making it impossible to stay still.

The band’s self-written pieces reflect their commitment to crafting authentic, handcrafted rock music that’s impossible to resist. The live video from the Rock in Barendorf performance captures the raw energy and charisma that defines “Coming Down.”

Don’t miss out on this rock sensation’s latest release! Watch the live video on YouTube and connect with “Coming Down” on their social media channels for more electrifying content.

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