Sir Vensky, the elusive Musician, has returned with what may be his most compelling groove to yet. Comfortable kicks into gear with passionate up-pitched vocals for a hook, a breezy and summer-style rhythm.

With the explosion of the bass and the pounding of the beat, the way forward for Sir Vensky’s brand new auditory experience is illuminated. Comfortable, his latest song is a stunningly sharp and wild hip hop track that reveals a completely different side to the already artistically free and always striking artist.

By this point, the beat itself has made an impression on the listener with its creative and colorful aura, which is in accordance with the classic, mildly familiar hip hop swagger that is present throughout the song. Upon further reflection, the hook that comes onto the scene in the early seconds has the same impact. 

Those words seem simple enough to be accessible to anyone. However, as you become more aware of the complexity and richness of the verses, the phrase brightens up in ultimately another way.

Sir Vensky’s latest release keeps the hip-hop/rap scene alive with good bars and an evocative yet soothing sound. While the single itself checks a lot of boxes in terms of modern rap sounds and styles, Sir Vensky’s vocal tone undoubtedly contributes to the overall character – a slight edge, something more to recognize his work by. 

His tone is relatively mellow, in line with the excitement of the music and the subject matter, but there is a worn level of seriousness that lets the weight and theme of confidence and swagger stretch out a little more firmly.

A piece of fantastic music that has been smartly crafted and is easily deserving of a broader audience. I’m looking forward to hearing anything further that Sir Vensky has to offer in the future.

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