Wave Phase’s freshest and extremely captivating new album, “Collage Freeverse,” features intensely traditional hip-hop sounds. The tune offers an immediate sense of vitality and warmth that’s both comfortingly nostalgic and excitingly contemporary, balancing a fine selection of mesmerizing loops on top of a thick fuzz of a rhythm section.

Wave Phase has always been known for his ability to hit hard and make himself recognized, and this latest release is no exception. In reality, “Collage Freeverse” is the artist’s most visceral and immersive work to date, with the weight and tempo of relentless rap raining down around you from the start.

Being instantly likable, instantly exciting, and immediately satisfying – these are the elements that made hip hop music a smash hit. Though it appears to be a simple operation, the complexities are rather impressive.

When you first experience the excitement of this music, it delivers a sense of nostalgia that rapidly welcomes you into the moment. The second time you hear it, the various portions have a more distinct atmosphere.

The transition from the composition’s simplistic rap vibe to the spacious, pensive soundscape follows, then to the track’s full-throttle explosion of rhythm and weight; these are phases in the story, threads that tell you where you are.

There’s an undeniable amount of professionalism and ability required to create something that builds up and drops in so precisely. Wave Phase stands out, and this music is ideal for a long-term late-night or early-weekend mix.

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