Wave Phase delivers a classic Hip-Hop/rap song that will unite hard workers and hip-hop enthusiasts in a considerable manner. “Collage Freeverse” is a sprawling tune that starts with a style that chants this rhythm and notion to you in an appealing and absorbing way. Already, the live component appeals to and piques one’s interest.

The tune has a dark undercurrent, but it exudes confidence and style — there’s no volume or weight, just character, drive, passion, and purpose.

The track’s beat and general atmosphere appeal due to its transparent and genuine link to traditional hip hop. At the same time, some moments, most notably the hook, contribute to a distinct feel that’s easy to get behind and subsequently identify.

This entire piece is centered on talent and drive, a delicate balance between hard effort and great dreams — you can hear it from the beginning to the conclusion.

Wave Phase has arrived with vigor and self-assurance, and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The energy of this performance is uplifting and motivating for the most demanding hip-hop lovers out there – it raises you up. It instills the necessary confidence to get out there and go for it.

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