A rightfully energetic performance, and an essentially addictive tune that leaves its mark with ease throughout a sub-two-minute explosive and colorful journey. Lonestar Syx is an amazing, well-talented soul who always believes in music and has one of the greatest passions towards the same. “CockCoCaine” is his freshly released single and already it is on fire. 

Without a doubt, this is an easily addictive new track, with talent at its core but professionalism and clever, likable song-writing alongside of this. Getting the chemistry just right in contemporary hip hop and Pop. The track is delicate then heavy, projecting its underlying intentions as well. 

As we know, we do have a deep bond with music and we need the same to express our inner feelings sometimes. Lonestar Syx is nicely delivering this amazing track to the audience with a catchy vibe all over the track. Superb vocals guide us through the twists and turns of this musically immersive track as well. Undoubtedly an artist with a fine ear for melody and a willingness to keep things genuine & open lyrically – not to mention a singer with a superb, powerful & memorable vocal style.

Introducing a quickly impressive, colorful beat and backdrop, and this track will be your next favorite one for sure. Listen to the track and stay tuned with Lonestar Syx to witness his more future work. 

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