From a songwriting standpoint, a smooth and straightforward beat meets a great sense of melody and rhythm, making THRILL’s latest single, “CLOUD DRIVE,” a fine introduction to an artist and lyricist with a clear connection to the process.

The song unfolds upon its own majestic method of melodic expansion and poetic insight in a gently fascinating approach, starting with a pleasantly soothing, quietly raspy yet upfront and clean-cut vocal line.

The track rises from simple to sensational while remaining true to an underlying sentiment and level of character that consistently impresses, seeing a handful of intricacies weave their way into the mix, enhancing its warmth but never detracting from the natural soul and passion of that leading voice.

The song’s verses demonstrate a framework from an artist who knows how to hit hard. The hook, together with the riding bass-line as it confidently rises and dips, with its mellow-beat pace and that impossible to ignore vibe, is undeniably the key takeaway. 

“CLOUD DRIVE” works instantly as an introduction to the artist. The lyrics and style shine through, the polish is professional, and the structure keeps you intrigued with different variations from one moment to the next.

On the other hand, THRILL’s voice has a delightfully authentic quality to it. The delivery has a tone and style that is immediately fresh and honest. Even the back-and-forth between the clean vocal and the distant echo lends a subtle but adequate element to the mix.

At the same time, there is a slightly nostalgic core to this style of production and R&B vocal line, which offers a sense of comfort to the composition that blends nicely with its current freshness.

THRILL, as professional as ever, is on the rise. A powerful track that skillfully combines effective tones from the past with a creative edge of modernity.

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