THRILL, South Korea’s rising young talent, singer-songwriter, and composer, returns with a hard-hitting R&B classic, “CLOUD DRIVE.” A music video was shot in the Korean island of Jeju Island, which has a stunning natural environment, and proper editing caught cinematic visual splendor on the screen.

THRILL’s latest release, inspired by some of the greatest R&B and indie artists of all time, drives with a silky style and a softly passionate performance. The artist pours his heart out on this release, riding the beat like a wave, displaying spontaneously flowing vocals and loving lyrics. “CLOUD DRIVE” is a smooth and excellent new single from an artist that isn’t scared to be himself.

“CLOUD DRIVE” is a current RnB-Indie crossover single that is incredibly refreshing. The way the artist arranged the release, the sense of development through these distinct portions – the transition from calm and spacious to dynamic and more significant sounding – all of this contributes to the single being unique and appealing.

That backdrop has a lot of personality and flair, so much that the music alone is impressive. Then there’s THRILL’s voice, which serves as the song’s backbone and serves as a quietly confident guiding light – as well as a series of somewhat known yet often odd and ultimately relatable lyrics. 

Though the verses differ and mature in their own expressive, artistic style, the hook skillfully resolves everything – providing for a satisfying and memorable moment that’s easy to spot from a distance.

THRILL has always been one to bend, if not break, the laws of music, leading with a concept and an innate drive to create something unique and significant. “CLOUD DRIVE” is a powerful testament to these characteristics.

“CLOUD DRIVE” becomes more likable and memorable with each new appearance for all of these reasons at the same time. So far this year, my personal favorite from the genre.

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