5 FT JAY has developed a rapidly memorable single for his debut release, “Closure,” expertly blending the silky, melodic tones of contemporary hip hop and RnB with a considerably stronger hitting, classic anthem-like intensity.

“Closure” is a concept-driven and musically engaging song that combines focused writing, catchy melodies, and soulful vocals for a release that discreetly inspires from the start.

“Closure,” which features ambient, melodic production and captivating rhythms, leads with a musical weight and delicacy coupled and infuses a clearly identifiable vocal alongside this for a defiant edge of personality and character.

Despite the music and melody’s optimism and pleasant mood, the words of “Closure” quietly add grit and personality until resolving towards the end for an ultimately beautiful and heartfelt hymn to appreciation. Softly genuine, yet modern and beautifully constructed.

Still, it’s easy to get lost in the tempo and joyful mood of the music and hook; 5 FT JAY makes sure to highlight his abilities as a lyricist and composer throughout the song. This is also calm and rather meek. The lyrics present new observations and ways to frame these thoughts while maintaining the casual, laid-back tone that pervades 5 FT JAY’s music.

The balance is superb here. The song alternates between the laid-back feelings of R&B and hip hop and the harder hitting, unifying camaraderie and confidence of hip hop. Meanwhile, these melodic riffs float through the outer layers, and the beat weaves its pleasant but upbeat rhythm around you.

5 FT JAY displays the best of his abilities as a current RnB producer, with relevant twists of innovation and equal parts character and passion, all intertwined amidst superb songwriting and immaculate vocals. This half of the year has been an absolute pleasure to listen to, with a respectably timeless feel overall.

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