Back on the scene with a smooth groove and a quickly engaging, memorable hit of songwriting, TeeJaeSoHigh aims high in an instant with Clips. Structurally thoughtful, classically colorful yet fusing elements of hip hop, RnB and pop in a fresh, contemporary fashion, the single offers up the rhythmic kick of rap alongside the addictive and anthem-like power of a mighty hook melody. His smooth vocals adjust the flow of the song perfectly so we won’t lose attention till the end. 

TeeJaeSoHigh is a hip-hop rap artist from Mobile, Alabama, United States. He is known for his unusual take on hip-hop music in the groove. He pushes the boundaries on hip-hop music in a smooth way that attracts more fans. It’s not a surprise since he has the magical ability to make us calm and heal our souls through his vocals and take us to a higher place through his music. Easily a personal favorite from TeeJaeSoHigh to date, a short and snappy hit that’s decidedly humble yet relevant enough to quietly draw you in and keep you coming back for more. 

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