“Luis Jimenez” has recently released his new track “Clare” to all the audience out there. His music has a mellow and fairly vintage sound to it, bringing about those feelings of nostalgia from the days of classic hip-hop and rap vibes. The music is pretty uplifting to listen to, the kind of backdrop that brings you outside of yourself, accompanied by the sort of rap performance that sounds genuine, full of character, and in many ways effortless. Performance comes naturally to Luis Jimenez, his voice was made for this; the smooth and natural expression of these lyrics will draw you in, and the good vibes created by the music will hold you there.

This latest release is everything we quickly fell for about Clare.” Luis Jimenez

’s artistry fuses so brilliantly with this musically heavy, hip hop meets rap sort of sound; all of which strikes hard from the offset, and echoes around in your head for the remainder of the piece. The artist’s lyricism is in the form in this case; the flow is somewhat relentless, at times making you feel the need to press pause and head back to catch a few more words – something you’re likely to refuse to do until it’s over, for fear of missing a moment of the action. It’s all over in less than five minutes, but the whirlwind of sounds and ideas expressed makes it feel like something much bigger just happened.

The rhythm of the music is superb, that classic, vintage, hyped-up hip hop vibe, so often neglected in modern music, is alive and well, and its heart is racing. The music surrounding the beat, those signature synths, and the overall design of the track, is everything we know and love about the music put out by the mysterious Luis Jimenez. The structure is superbly unusual in this case, the music strikes hard and fast from the start, then after about two minutes the world falls away, and there remains only this gentle, reflective ocean of hip hop ambiance within which to catch your breath. 

This particular track touches on real-life in a huge way – the realness is a massive part of it all, and when you fuse it with those good vibes embedded in the music, it’s a winning combination. The hook section of this track is inescapably memorable, the melody casts its spell on you, and once it’s in your head it’s there for good – likely to bring you back for more soon enough. Luis Jimenez’s entire catalog of music is more than impressive. Well worth checking out.

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