TDX IV, Arizona’s underground hip hop artist, releases a defiantly fascinating and atmospheric new track, fuelled by fascination and displaying the very finest in sound design and unfettered musicianship. The artist tries to draw “Circle” for his listeners by illuminating their imaginations with nuanced, deep vocals and layers of music.

TDX IV is a twenty-one-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona’s desert metropolis. At the age of twelve, TDX discovered football, skating, video games, and, of course, females. TDX IV’s first love was football, but he quickly understood that he was meant to pursue a career in music, not vice versa.

Despite growing up idolizing Chris Brown and Usher, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Future, TDX didn’t begin recording music until his freshman year of high school.

It wasn’t until TDX was deep in a deep depression that he realized music was the one thing that could help him come out of it. TDX recorded his debut song, “No Jest,” over a beat he had developed shortly after starting to become serious about making beats. He realized he was a better rapper than a composer and decided to record on a regular basis.

“Circle” continues to follow the engaging vocal flow of TDX IV as it presents a series of literary references and imagery-laden situations and concepts, with a calm embrace of vintage hip hop and a clear current overtone production-wise.

“Circle” reflects the artist’s tone and talent, both ethically insightful and artistically pure. The identifiable instrumental setup and the clean-cut vocals provide a welcome change of direction in the contemporary hip-hop environment.

Slowly but steadily, the track gains a more potent groove, with the voice directing the way with multiple flows and a clearly laid-back yet enthusiastic appreciation for the process.

Another example of adaptability while remaining true to the composition’s overall atmosphere is that the core energy and color keep you engaged even with the rhythm changes, pauses, and starts. All in one regulated and relaxing sweep, TDX IV succeeds to impress and provide a flawlessly fitting escape.

Furthermore, the music’s straightforward, classic structure, mixed with TDX IV’s own smooth and powerful, rhythmically engaging vocal delivery, allows the entire thing to affect listeners in a similarly eye-opening way.

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