Shorter, entertaining yet harder-hitting, and rich with vocal and conceptual grit, “Choose Up” strikes with impact and somehow, unexpected, creatively unrestrained music, further instills faith in FCF Venom as a tremendously varied one, unequaled hip hop/Rap artist.

Creativity at work, the sound of surprisingly merged genres emerging as instantly pleasant, engaging, and remarkable – FCF Venom provides a specific track with all of these traits and more.

FCF Venom makes a solid and impressive debut with his sound and approach. The track has a timeless vibe to it. An exhilarating beat and identifiable soundscape collide with a crystal clear vocal that demonstrates no need to hide behind effects or fluff. On the contrary, the clarity is remarkable, and the lyrics more than live up to the high standard set by this confident and self-assured delivery.

“Choose Up” and its professionally filmed video, which has already racked up a significant number of plays online, introduce FCF Venom as performing right where hip hop has drifted to in recent years. At the same time, he offers a lot of personalities and a new flavor to the scene.

The first is the beat, followed by the hook, and the last by the vocal style. Flickers of uprising expression collide with the ends of these short, rhythmic lines, resolving in ways that add several dashes of character and recognized riffs to the overall setup of “Choose Up.”

This one stands out by a mile, with a beautifully distinctive, uplifting, and energizing beat and a vocal that transitions from calm and quiet to quick and heavy. FCF Venom strives high and strikes the mark with every single bar, and the sound-play works beautifully once more.

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