Dreamy tones with a retro production flavor bring us into Moses Christopher’s colorful and intimate new alt-pop single.

Choices, a notable turn in a new direction, rapidly entices interest with indigenous beats and an equally rhythmic, addictive hook progression. It’s a strong start, and it gives the song an instantly distinctive edge that only gets stronger as the song progresses.

Choices prove both introspective and uplifting and show Moses Christopher’s unique vocal meandering in an outstanding and characterful way, despite its simple set-up.

Moses Christopher is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Portugal. He has been crafting his skills for over ten years, and his music is influenced by a wide range of styles such as classical, blues, jazz, reggae, and rock. In 2015 he won the Best New Talent award from the International Portuguese Music Awards for his first single as a solo artist. In 2021 he won two awards from the IPMA’s with two songs that are collaborations with different artists within two completely different musical styles. 

Moses is always striving to elevate his ability as a singer-songwriter and musician by constantly experimenting and pushing his musical limits and boundaries. With various singles and collaborations already released, Moses Christopher recently released his debut EP, ‘Perception.’ His music is a mix of alternative and pop-rock styles that is sure to please any listener. 

Choices are one of the stand-out tracks on the EP and is a perfect example of Moses Christopher’s fantastic songwriting ability. The track is an ode to making decisions, and the chorus sees Moses Christopher’s vocals at their most emotive and engaging. The track is a perfect example of how great songwriting can transcend genre boundaries and is sure to please any listener. 

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