“Charles Lee Ray,” a new single from St. Louis artist Luh Monie Huncho, aims high with crisp, cleanly-mixed, and hard-hitting vibrations throughout an infectious and outstanding piece of music.

It’s brief, but it’s powerful in its reach and creative, concise framing of themes — St. Louis’ Luh Monie Huncho catches affection with ease as the hip hop soundtrack and the beautifully recorded, incredibly confident rap vocals emerge.

The soundscape is straightforward and somewhat familiar, with a beat and a synth progression guiding things along. Elsewhere, Luh Monie Huncho draws you in, sets the scene, and lays the groundwork for the plot.

Following on from the song’s stylish, melodic, and passionate confidence, “Charles Lee Ray” introduces a catchy rap voice, classic and neatly mixed, providing a powerful contrast to the lightness, infectious swagger of the hook, and the soundscape.

Luh Monie Huncho, who was born and raised in St. Louis, has been recording unique tracks for a few years now, and his clean professionalism speaks for itself. Add in an evident and consistent love for the process, the overall concept of the track, and the intensity in the vocal delivery, and the outcome is something both authentic and modern.

“Charles Lee Ray” stands out even more for its expansive set-up yet variable vocal flow and the increasing intensity of individual repeats and refrains. Lyrically intriguing, constructed as a piece of beautiful music with a vocal lead that entices – even better as a highlight and personal favorite.

The whole thing is a compelling blend of vintage rap with current story-telling and personality. Each successive verse grabs and holds attention even more tenaciously – all the way to the outro.

The song promises equal parts showmanship and personal anecdotes, allowing you to feel the motivational component of the performance while also developing a more significant image and understanding of the performer.

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