Spiny Norman is always a band whose songs you know you should pay great attention to. This recent publication is by no means an outlier. “CATCH THE SUN” is as multi-layered and colorful as it is thematically intentional, utilizing creative freedom once more and creating an alternative pop-rock anthem with a quiet verse voice that intrigues from the start.

In order to separate the wheat from the chaff, the Netherlands’ Spiny Norman band goes against the grain. Ike and Sander (vocals/guitar/lyrics/composition) are part of the group and Aron (drums).

As a result, Spiny Norman, named after an imaginary hedgehog from a Monty Python comedy, aims to capture listeners’ attention with a wide range of works that include intricate compositions, refined rhythms, and emotionally stirring melodies. Streamlined, yet never one-dimensional in its appeal.

Beginning with the pleasantly organic and melodically mesmerizing “CATCH THE SUN,” the band soon sparks a sense of lyrical intention and prowess on this record, throwing up an energy and poetic approach – managing to stumble upon territory that is uniquely theirs. Great material meets natural, authentic musicianship and excellent performances, resulting in a relaxing blend of soft-rock vigor with vocal smoothness and delicacy.

This results in a warm mix that allows the song to breathe, focusing on each element if we wish, and paying attention to the vocalists’ attitude and wit. The lead vocal is confident and swaggering, and it’s backed up by a colorful array of backing voices that are occasionally mixed hard left and right to take advantage of the stereo spread.

Poetic and heartfelt voices weave together poetry and personal observations to create a stirring anthem-like moment. What a talented group of musicians. That’s some fantastic music. Definitely, a piece of music to keep an eye out for.

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