IAMMAG storms through this season with a heavy track designed and ready to re-ignite the passion and captivating escapism of hard-hitting hip hop. A track that grabbed our attention in an instant, Casper showcases an artist at the top of his game, naturally connected to the rhythm of the soundtrack and the lyrical depth and intention of his writing. Featuring a striking beat, synth-soaked and tripped up like a dark trap with an EDM edge, the single sees IAMMAG  perform seemingly limitless bars by means of an unwavering, faultless flow that barely allows him room to breathe.  

IAMMAG is a talented young artist from Philadelphia, Pa who amazes fans with his original hip hop music. Since he is a newcomer to the hip hop arena he got the freedom to do whatever he imagined showcasing his creativeness.  He takes inspiration from other genres and produces music that makes the audience happy and wanting more. But that isn’t his sole mission. He wants to have a positive impact on society by talking about deep problems within the world we live in through his music. There’s a fine balance between humility and confidence here, and all the while the whole thing embraces listeners, energizes them, and captivates right through to the end. Brilliant. Hopefully, there’s plenty more to come. Listen loud. 

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