With its delightfully iconic disco vibes, deep and fascinating lyrics, and meandering dance melodies, Andy Trello’s new single Can’t Live is a bold introduction to her music as well as a rush of energy and optimism for the future. Andy Trello is a singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia.

If we put aside the cultural undertones of this song for a moment, Can’t Live is a really infectious house/disco house track. Even if the verses and production set the tone, the drop to the hook is the time when the actual magic happens — a significant moment that fills the room with light and proves to be immediately engaging.

Andy Trello’s signature inventiveness comes into play at this point, with particular melodies, riffs, hints of tropical detail, and production effects that assist in keeping things fresh.

You know the tune, you know how things are going, you know the lyrics, and you can’t help but become involved when the mood changes. The sudden optimism, groove, and vocal switch to higher and more emotional regions all beg audience engagement instantly.

Stunningly composed and emotionally evocative enough to truly combine the worlds of dance and heartfelt music – the kind of sunset anthem that would delightfully immerse at a festival or live performance.

Completely immersive, engaging, and enjoyable, as well as sonically satisfying in the manner that only the best-produced escapist can be. There’s a piece of thundering dance music on the one side, and on the other, there’s a meditation deluge and audio benediction. Very well done.

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