Qianci Liu’s new cello project “Candy” Happy Autumn is nothing less than sublime. The recordings present a hypnotic and utterly soulful expression of passion. The artist expresses her joyous emotions through her instrumental, and with every single moment, there is beauty and chaos and skill and softness and intensity.

Qianci Liu has received a master’s degree in cello performance from Manhattan School of Music. She has over 15 years of experience as a performer, instructor, composer, recording artist, and Carnegie Hall concert producer. She is the executive director of Paulus Hook Music Foundation, New York Big Apple Music Festival, and New York International Symphony Orchestra.

In 2005, she was the principal cellist at the Broadway Musical “The Lion King” in Shanghai. She was also performed as the soloist for the Shanghai Bund Lights Show “Walking in the Bund.” In 2017, she was honored to participate in the recording of “On and Between,” a Global Music Award album composed by Mr. Zhen Chen. In collaboration with Shanghai-based composer Wei Luo, Qianci released albums “Xian Qin,” “A cellist in the Shaoxing Road,” “Waiting For Me,” a CCTV top-rated TV program, and works of “Little Reunion,” “Pray for the world.” In 2020, Qianci composed a music animation, “Lily, to Mom,” and “cello and jazz band: Candy.”

In this composition, the intensity of the cello sound is outstanding throughout. The production has been painstakingly designed to allow the performers’ subtle elements to shine through at the perfect moments. The performance gets you there when the sound is loud, heavy, and dramatic, and the recording polishes everything perfectly.

Whatever your pre-listening expectations, Qianci Liu’s interpretation of “Candy” Happy Autumn surely changes them. The way the performers embrace the music, and then the music welcomes you as you listen, is inescapably mesmerizing.

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