Carolina’s rising star C.Loud is shaking up the rap scene with her latest single “Slime Girl”. As a lesbian rapper from the East Coast, C.Loud is not only breaking barriers but also promoting self-expression and authenticity.

“Slime Girl” showcases C.Loud’s unique sound that blends elements of rap, hip hop, and trap. Her flow is smooth and confident as she delivers lyrics that celebrate individuality and being true to oneself. With a catchy beat and infectious chorus, “Slime Girl” is sure to get audiences moving and singing along.

Born and raised between Miami and NY, C.Loud has been making waves with her music that reflects her personal experiences and beliefs. Her fan base is growing rapidly as she gains recognition for her dynamic performances and undeniable talent.

“Slime Girl” is now available on all major streaming platforms, and fans can keep up with C.Loud’s latest releases and performances by following her on social media.

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