Proving that the strength of song-writing overpowers genre and style in terms of impactful first impressions  Cam Rostami’s single Burnout blends the embrace of an addictive hook with a contemporary, crisp set-up; not to mention and subject matter that connect for their modern-day relevance. The results are simple yet brilliant. Offering an immediately memorable, likable, and in fact anthem-like hook, a catchy melody, a gravelly delivery, an upfront arrangement, and reference to an increasingly relatable concept  Burnout is every bit the alternative groove its title implies.

Cam Rostami is an emerging musical artist from The West Coast. He is a dedicated guy with loads of passion to elevate music to new heights while giving quality content to his ever-growing audience. That helped him to make his own name in the industry in such a short time. In his latest single Burnout he gives the prominent percussion-based beat which delivers a deep production with captivating drum and bass-driven instrumentation. 

Smooth vocals and electric style encapsulate elements from Indie, alternative, electronic, and pop make it more pleasing to listen to. The balance between the vocal and the instruments is majestic. Lyrically Cam Rostami furthers the initial strength of the hook with verses that lay bare more detail and a more personal storyline to broaden the track’s reach. Accessibility reigns for the chorus, then we get clever rhymes and individual anecdotes to help make it all more believable and genuine.

In short, a great track – familiar for its timeless qualities, not too complex by nature, but satisfying and cleanly captured for an ultimately modern, genre-free hit. Likely to be one we rightfully hear on repeat over the coming weeks. This is precisely the kind of track that proves there is no doubt Cam is an artist to keep an eye on. 

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