As the artwork and title suggest, RPG keeps things as creatively intriguing as they can be by re-creating the present hip hop/rap sound with a deeply introspective, openly human, vulnerable yet motivated Freestyle titled “Bucks In 6.”

RPG is a musician who understands how to create an atmosphere and a moment with his musically and vocally releases. His latest Freestyle, “Bucks In 6,” introduces that sort of creativity in a moment, gradually enveloping its listeners in an atmosphere that’s both current and serene.

It’s a brief track, lasting less than two minutes, but it’s short and effective enough to leave you wanting much more from the artist. The music serves as a soothing, ambient background that is simple to get into. The artist’s voice floats beside this in the ground with a peaceful assurance. His voice is sweet and serious at the same time, propelled by a serene kind of enthusiasm.

“Bucks In 6” focuses the listener’s attention on the snicket, crunchy beat, and, of course, the RPG vocal. Or, more precisely, bars – there are plenty of them on display. It uses a lot of bounce and delay, and its composition has a lot of ebb and flow, comparable to the action of waves crashing on a beach. Moreover, the entire impression is one of splendor and luxury.

“Bucks In 6” is incredibly fascinating, whizzing by in one and forty-six succinct minutes that will have you wondering whether you blinked and missed it. The mix itself is massive, with vast slabs of sound compressed such that everything feels louder than everything else, and there’s a lovely sense of swirling excess to the whole thing, lending an almost mystical flavor to the listening experience.

There’s an expert finish to the whole thing, and it pours through with equal parts dynamic and instant familiarity – the hook settles in, as does the artist’s manner. Musically, there’s a fair amount to admire, which distinguishes this from most recent releases. 

The lightness is a significant part of that, things can be upbeat without dropping heavy or pushing for insanely fast tempos, and RPG is an entertainer who effectively pays tribute to that.

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