Throughout producer MasaHY’s eclectic and colorful release, catchy hooks and dreamy music mix with the optimism and energy of dance.

The Tokyo-based artist creates original beats and publishes these immersive, uplifting compositions across YouTube, boasting experience both at the desk and on stage.

MasaHY is a beatmaker based in Tokyo, Japan. He started making beats after about ten years of club DJ experience and released his long-awaited debut album in July 2021.

MasaHY is influenced by a wide range of musical genres, including hip hop/R&B, reggae, afro-pop, deep and tech house, nu-disco, 80’s pop, jazz fusion, and many more. He loves synths like Moog, Oberheim, and Novation. In the near future, he plans to cross over into different genres and continue his success.

Kicking into gear with the retro dance flavors and catchy melody, Bubblá effectively blends hip hop fusion with Dancehall Reggae & deep house. As creative as ever, fusing powerful rhythms, bass, booming synths, songs, and voice snippets, the new track adds a playful nostalgia to MasaHY’s generally crisp and current style – as well as a mesmerizing backbone that invites listeners to turn up the volume and fully commit.

Vocally, Narie’s sultry and emotive performance is perfect for the track. He has a way of carrying the listener away with him on a rollercoaster of ups and downs, all the while sounding completely in control.

With its irresistible mix of classical MasaHY production values and fresh, exciting ideas, Bubblá is the perfect track to get people moving. It’s an essential listen for anyone who loves good dance music.

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