Alt-rock outfit combines rock subgenres to perfection, with distinctively engaging and heartbreaking songwriting to match. This month, Kelsie Kimberlin returns with the incredibly compelling single Bring Together.

Kelsie Kimberlin is a versatile upcoming gem in the USA. She is a popping artist in the USA who predominantly records Alternative Rock and Pop Rock.

Kelsie Kimberlin is a singer who has been involved with music her entire life. She brings a great deal of depth and perspective to her music due to her international heritage and longstanding involvement in social issues. She has traveled extensively to most of the 50 states and across Europe and Asia.

Since childhood, She has spent summers in Ukraine, where her mother was born, and she saw firsthand the suffering caused by war. She has spent uncountable hours in the studio recording an endless number of songs. Now she has started to share them.

Kelsie Kimberlin wants to use her music to shed light on some of today’s issues and inspire people to believe that they can unite in their humanity for the greater good.

A poetic track, Bring Together sets things off in a genuinely engaging, compelling style, with plainly emotive, meaningful songwriting and a vocal that is firmly committed to the depth and delicacy of the moment.

Bring Together progresses from basic beginnings and soon addicting riffs to clever use of contrast. The lyrics and visuals allow us to follow this process even more closely, connecting the various stages and back and forth in the literal and metaphoric with the increasing passion and energy of the music and vocal style.

Kelsie Kimberlin has included many excellent, controversial, and stunning lyrics, a rare and praiseworthy feature these days, on top of superb musicianship, character, depth, and addicting, anthem-like outcries. This song, Bring Together in its whole, is well worth taking the time to listen to – and a return visit is almost certainly in order.

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