Andre Rose is a musician that understands the importance of creating an atmosphere and a moment with his music, both musically and vocally, with each release. “Breathe” presents precisely that sort of inventiveness in a split second, gradually enveloping its listeners in a soundscape that is at once current and energizing.

Andre was born in Miami to Jamaican parents. His family played music ranging from reggae to blues from an early age. He nearly drowned in the family’s backyard pool when he was two. After being dragged from the ocean unresponsive, he spent two months in the hospital, three weeks comatose. In his survival, doctors told his parents he would have brain damage. Every day and night, his father held the radio to Andre’s ear, hoping for a response. Music saved Andre’s life, he claims.

Jevon’s talent truly blossomed throughout middle school. Through the school’s music and arts program, he discovered himself. It was his method of expressing himself in a difficult moment. His parents had divorced, and he had no contact with his brothers and sisters. Composing music and poetry allowed him to express repressed feelings.

A stylish beat meets with a uniquely raspy and rhythmic vocal on this latest release from hip hop’s Andre Rose. The soundscape, in particular, grabs you from the offset with meandering female vocal fragments. 

With each verse, Andre Rose’s lyricism becomes more deliberate, and he stands out from the outset thanks to creative wordplay and has found his rhythm and purpose with this song.

The crisp and clear finish works nicely with the classic elements and layers that transport you to a simpler time. In the same way, the synths and samples that occur intermittently throughout have a distinct air of originality — good production aids in the creation of something ever-evolving and continually entertaining.

Following this, the vocal takes on a more familiar and unique form, effectively paying homage to the hip-hop environment of today. The beat, however, keeps things interesting. As the song develops, the melody gently lulls you into a state of relaxation and contrasts with the vocalist’s outspoken nature.

We are led through a captivating narrative to the net effect of wanting to hit repeat since the music is top and tailed with the same unique sound states.

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