classic hip hop beats from the dawn of the genre accompany a series of calm and confident, impressively conceptual compositions, and an overall aura that indicates an artist at the top of his game. Bout that is a track that gets straight into the good vibes and refuses to lose your affection throughout. The light beat and the melody that runs in the background are refreshing and highlight the mind-blowing rap more. BMFGrip fuses the natural world with hip hop, offering RnB beats and consistently evolving soundscapes, all of which helpfully encapsulate and share with you an experience that deals out precisely with the idea implied by its title. 

BMFGrip is the magician who steals our hearts with his mesmerizing rap. He is based on  ST.Louis, MO, and takes the whole rap world by storm with his cool songs that are quite popular among the youth who love tracks with substance and quality. Though his songs are different from each other,  the style and sound in general quickly lean in something of their own direction which helped him to build his own name in the industry. Beautiful work, ready and waiting to light up your mood and make your soul satisfied.

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