Soda King Baby’s latest release “Bottles” has the laid-back good vibes to start any week off in the right way. The music is easy-going, and light in nature – the riffs, the beat, and the varying moments of audio that come into play – are all creatively crafted. The lyrics, on the other hand, deal with the realness of life; the words are honest and expressive of a certain truth, which holds a lot of value. All of this, and the fact that the whole thing has been produced to a notably unique level, gives the track a sound of its own for certain.

Musically the track combines an addictive riff and a lightly energetic soundscape among a laid-back, almost hip hop melody. The track smashes it, the creative play within the production and the structure is mildly theatrical, always appealing, easy to listen to, and offers the consistent good vibes needed to make music matter. Furthermore, the vocals running out alongside all of this add a sincere element of depth, of truth; the song has power.

The leading voice has confidence and tone to it that fits in with the energy and vibe of the music really well. The flow of the performance is something to take note of. There’s occasionally a struggle in underground hip-hop to find that sound that is far enough removed from what’s already been heard, yet still, all the while managing to talk about something that would appeal, or that a lot of people could relate to. In this case, the flow is what grabs your attention, the character and personality that comes through in the performance – and this is through the little things, certain infections, certain moments – the artist comes across as being himself entirely, and that’s something hugely valuable.

Structurally the track isn’t an obvious one to follow. The music works, the evolution occurs throughout and it makes sense, however unpredictable it may be. The instrument, whether organically performed or otherwise, is given a freestyle presentation of sorts, a solo even, that lingers longer than expected and redirects the mood of the song just slightly as things move away from the power of that vocal melody. 

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