MAR KILO makes a strong comeback in collaboration with TWIST (HighImTWI$T) and BALI SMOOVE. The music video for MAR KILO’s latest release, “BOSS TALK,” is an excellent hip hop smash with a Detroit-style beat and New York flows.

Purpose, talent, and artistry come together in a fantastically entertaining original track — MAR KILO’s latest release is a powerful monument to the artist’s ability and depths.

“BOSS TALK” begins with an excellent aim and flawless production before going into the artists’ conscious rap outpourings in a way that continuously captivates.

“BOSS TALK” kicks into gear with nostalgic and energetic tones, and it’s well mixed and catchy from the start. Multiple vocals are frequently used to create a colorful framework that veers throughout rap and melody, always with precision and conviction.

“BOSS TALK” clocks in at a little under three minutes and features a variety of sections, each one delivering a new melody, varying weight in terms of the richness of the composition, and enough diversity to pique a live audience’s interest.

The dynamic between the three voices works brilliantly, paying homage to the past while incorporating a more joyful tone.

The presentation is focused, but it also plainly shows three artists lost in the moment and their surroundings, which creates an air of embrace that quickly overpowers any unique structural features.

Definitely worth a listen. Outstanding teamwork – hip hop with significance, technique, varied musicianship, and strength that goes way beyond industry expectations.

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