Prepare for an auditory voyage as Boooshman, a maestro hailing from the vibrant streets of Jamaica, Queens, and nurtured on the lyrical brilliance of Nas, Jay-Z, and Big L, teams up with visionary rap partner Relz Glover to unveil “Amazon Prime.” Merging raw talent with a masterful understanding of rhythm, Boooshman’s musical odyssey was forged in the crucible of the Institute of Audio Research, evolving into a groundbreaking artist.

Their recent releases, featuring daring remixes and stellar collaborations, have set the industry ablaze, paving the way for future singles with luminaries like Rick Ross and Rich The Kid. Boooshman’s sonic exploration, from classical cadences to electrifying club bounce, has birthed an extraordinary soundscape, epitomized in “Amazon Prime.” This release marks a defining moment in the evolution of hip-hop, where ingenuity meets inspiration.

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