KaosTheRapper’s Bonkarz Prod. Pendo46 is a fresh track with mellow energy, high passion, and a unique sense of character. The vibe set by the music is easy going and the music is rhythmically addictive from the start. The musical backdrop to the song has a great sound, the riffs, the beat, the stop and start nature of the whole thing – the production is creative, and although fairly minimalist, it’s hugely effective. The track pauses and rises up again with style and precision. The hook melody is simple yet memorable, it swings around and lingers in your mind long after listening, and the way the music has been crafted around this crucial moment is impressive and works really well.

KaosTheRapper is a creative rap artist from Kitchener, Ontario CA. With his mellow melodies and inspiring lyrics, he is taking the hip-hop rap world by storm. With over 12 years of experience as a songwriter and 2 years as a producer, he uses all of his experience and creative imagination in each of his tracks. The artist’s vocal performance style stands out well among its peers – the sound is fresh, as mentioned, and there’s a beautifully satisfying rhythm to the delivery. Furthermore, the voice itself brings with it all the relevant emotions to carry the concept of the song well. You can hear the passion behind the words, and once you familiarise yourself with the lyrics it becomes even clearer. He grew up listening to giants like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and MF DOOM and wants to give something unique and enjoyable for his fans.

The music is great, the more you listen – the more that leading, Canadian hip hop inspired riff leaves its mark, and develops into something increasingly enjoyable and comforting. The rhythm is superb, and the energy of the leading vocal during the verses works brilliantly alongside all of this. The lyrics talk of life, skill, perspective, desire – the honesty and positivity is something listeners will be able to relate to, and everything else is something they can simply vibe to and forget themselves for a while. It’s a rhythmically striking track and it really does have quite an addictive quality in this sense. The lasting effect is that listeners are highly likely to come back for more. 

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