On this latest record from Berlin’s Mike Nasa, “BMPR2BMPR,” a beautifully classic groove is blended with a vocal that is both scratchy and rhythmic in its execution.

Since moving to Berlin, Mike Nasa has become the ideal of a hip-hop rapper, hailing from Sacramento, California. A huge success on the West Coast, he earned the title of “best freestyler” by many. 

A few years ago, he decided to take a chance and moved to Berlin, where he began working with the cream of the crop in the German urban music scene. If you’ve never seen or heard of Mike Nasa, you’re missing out. G-funk, jazz, trap, and soul are all inspirations in his work, which spans a wide range of genres.

When it comes to the audio, the crisp and clear finish blends well with those traditional elements that harken back to a more carefree era. Another example of sound production can be found in the synths and samples that occur intermittently throughout the track. This helps to produce something that’s constantly changing and always intriguing.

The snicket, crispy rhythm of “BMPR2BMPR” draws the ear, as does the Mike Nasa vocal, of course. Or, to be more precise, lyrics – there’s a wide variety to be found here. The overall impact is undoubtedly one of rich elegance.

After listening to “BMPR2BMPR,” you’ll wonder whether you just happened to blink and miss the little over two and a half minutes of pure pleasure. Big blocks of compressed sound dominate the mix, making everything seem louder than it is. The entire picture has a surreal aspect to it, thanks to the whirling excess.

Whatever you see the first time around, no matter how little it is, stands out the next time you visit the course. “BMPR2BMPR” has an anthem-like vibe to it, quiet but supposed to hit with subtle force, which it does, and it exposes Mike Nasa in just the perfect way. 

That robust voice tone complements this dance mood perfectly. As the song progresses, there is a slight rise in passion and energy, supporting the progression from simplicity to something noticeably more complicated and stylish.

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