For someone who is looking for a rock song that urges you to dance, “Bloodline” can fulfil your needs.

“Bloodline” is the latest song release of L.A.Bliss, who is an artist based in Los Angles, California. This female musician creates specifically pop-rock and dance style music. Her songs are a mix of those 3 genres, Pop and rock music, along with dance type lyrics.

Los Angles is well known as a blissful place to live in, but those who really knows Southern California knows the dark side of this beloved city. From natural encounters such as sun, sand and freeways to social encounters of art, music and romance, all of these have a dark side that will disappoint you.  Lisa Chambliss, known as L.A. Bliss, represents her adopted and beloved city in complete. The music she creates is immediate, delirious, and glamorous, but it contains dangerous undercurrents too. The thrill of going too fast, the pain of being loved more by a stranger than your own family, the danger of believing too fully: it’s all there.

The song starts with a lively drum beat, and the beat continues to flow through the background music. Soon after the beginning of the song, an electronic music part appears, which can put you in a horrible state.” I met you long in the dark” L.A. Blish enters into the song with a solid and heavy voice. She has a voice genuinely suitable for a rock singer; heavy, strong and confident. The rhythm of the music can make you dance in slow motion, and the lyrics show you the dark side of her living area.

Listen to “Bloodline” on Spotify. Check out her Spotify Profile for her bio and more song releases.

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