Nazeem’s Blood $moke Body is a bright and rhythmic release loaded with positivity and good vibes. The single comes just in time for the end of the summer, offering audiences a heartfelt message and an Hip Hop inspired RnB song that both reminds you of the laid back energy and reaches out in an honest and considerate way.

It’s fair to say that even more vocal intricacies and characteristics come through on this recording than his previous releases. There’s a feeling of the performance being comfortable, naturally confident, and most importantly – heartfelt. The lyrics hold nothing back, from the light hearted and trivial to the darkness and depth of human emotion and struggle. The evolution from the rap to the melody is striking, and with every change you’re drawn back into the mood and ambiance of the entire song.

The spacious element of the track is notable as it comes through in a somewhat live sounding arena, not overwhelming listeners with weight or distortion, but showcasing each performance under a bright and flattering spotlight. From the leading vocal performance to the rhythm, the release is soaked in upbeat energy and a clear appreciation for the hip hop and RnB genre and all of its warmth.

Listen to it in private, as is often the instruction with producers of such creative precision. You get the full effect by paying attention to the detail, though simultaneously surrendering entirely to the overall ambiance. The opening few bars of music have a softness that is tinged with reflective thought and hope. Then as the first minute mark passes by, the beat falls away, the pace rises higher, and with it – the energy, that intensity.

There’s a particular riff that comes into play and makes up the signature sound of this release, but it doesn’t grab you in the way that a hook melody or soundscape would. It simply fits there, making perfect sense, and yet unsettling you – drawing from you all at once excitement, calmness as well..

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